Preview MJPEG Stream on a Ricoh Theta X with Python and OpenCV

once I connect to the camera using the URL and save the image i can not re-run the program again, that Url is not accessible anymore, and needed to disconnect the camera and connect again to do so.

thank you for the help a simple sleep line makes everything smooth with the camera, I updated code in case along with the camera auto connection using the script

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thanks for posting this information. I’m not familiar with Windows commands and didn’t know that netsh could be used to connect to the computer WiFi to an access point.

I’m curious as to why the application would drop the WiFi connection.

Although I’m not using Python, I can save hundreds of frames to local storage without the WiFi dropping.

Note that certain commands like takePicture will stop the livePreview (not drop the WiFi). You need to run camera.getLivePreview again when the preview stops.

I’m not testing with a THETA S. Maybe it is different with an S.