Qualcomm blog post: "Ricoh opens Plug-in Program and app store for 360-degree camera developers"

Qualcomm has blogged about using RICOH THETA to get into the Internet of Things (IoT) entitled “Ricoh opens Plug-in Program and app store for 360-degree camera developers.

Qualcomm says:

Still looking for a way to cut your teeth on the Internet of Things? It’s not always clear how to do that. Should you build an app with mass appeal? Produce a revolutionary device? Partner with a hardware manufacturer?

How about writing a plug-in for a 360-degree camera?

Immediate use cases include virtual reality (VR), head-mounted devices (HMDs) and external hardware integrations.

And Qualcomm comments they like how it’s open to everyone:

We like Ricoh’s approach to IoT using Snapdragon and the THETA Plug-in SDK to start an ecosystem around their 360-degree imaging platform. That means a role for everybody: device manufacturers can integrate the THETA V to new designs, developers can write plug-ins for it and consumers can browse the THETA V app store and get those plug-ins, just as they would smartphone apps.

Full blog post here: