Solved: Audio can not be recorded from Plugin App

I tried recording mic audio and video using the MediaRecorder API.
However, an unknown sound with noises was recorded.
This result was the same with other recording applications of Android.

Does anyone know how to normally record from the plug-in?
※I tried changing RicMicSelect Parameter, but the result was the same.

I have not been able to record from the microphone. I am going to ask a guy I know at Ricoh to see if he’s tried it.

BTW, do you have an idea for a plug-in? It might get him more excited if I share a specific example of a plug-in idea.

Also note that there is currently some problems with android.speech.tts . We have passed this information on to Ricoh.

Thanks for your work with plug-in development and reporting back test results.

I want to streaming mic of theta V using WebRTC.

I believe that only a single channel of the audio will work with most libraries. As there are four microphones, can you disable the other three microphones in your application?

I successfully tested audio with live streaming using rtmp. I’m going through someone else’s code to try and find the relevant section for you.

I think it’s using this library:

This might be relevant.

protected void prepareAudioRtp(boolean isStereo, int sampleRate) {

※I tried changing RicMicSelect Parameter, but the result was the same.

Is it help that I commented in github?



Update: 09/19/2018 Clear Example of using Spatial Audio

Here’s the info that @shohara put on GitHub.

Although there is information about “RicMicSelect” and “RicMicSurrondVolumeLevel” in Camera API, they are the settings for AudioManager.

The usage is as below. This is the use case to use 4ch B-format recording.


Here, there is a setting “RicUseBFormat” for enabling 4ch B-format output. Because Android supports only mono (1ch) or stereo (2ch), use “RicUseBFormat=false” if you use normal audio features defined in Android.

This tip and others will be included in an updated Plug-in Developer Community Guide when it is updated at the end of this month.