System Security Upgrade to https

We will be upgrading the server to https in the near future. There should be little change in usage or features. Ideally, the upgrade will go unnoticed.

The upgrade should help with site security and reliability in the future.

Update 1:09pm PT, 3/23/2018
As part of the system upgrade, I doubled the disk space and memory of the server. The server capacity upgrade appears successful. Will attempt the security upgrade next.

Update 2:46pm PT, 3/23/2018
Had to reload images from several posts which resulted in some of the older posts appearing like they are new. Other than the timestamp of a few posts, the system upgrade successfully completed with no problems.

Update 3:21pm PT, 3/25/2018
System email temporarily down over the weekend. Outgoing email digests now working again. Twitter login temporarily down.

Update 4:07pm PT, 3/25/2018
Login from Twitter, GitHub, Facebook should now be working.