THETA App Split Screen For VR Goggle Viewing

It’s easy to take your pictures and videos and view them in VR goggles that use your phone.

Basic idea:

In the RICOH THETA app (showing iOS here), open a picture, look for the display icon at the bottom:

And pick which option you want:

Then you’ll need to slide your phone into Google Cardboard, and you should be good to go. Reverse these steps to get back to viewing normally in the THETA app.

Very similar in Android:


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in Pano2vr5.0.2 and krpano you also have this funktion
but i have no cardboard television and prefer 3d Googles :innocent:

Pick your 3D googles

To se this Read-Blue test
I think the 3D effect are strongest looking North and South do to the 2 cameras position West- East tripod 1.5 meter apart

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This is great. Do you know if there is anyway to view footage like this while it’s in PREVIEW mode - not review mode? Would love to be able to view it through the app and VR goggles before recording it

I’m not sure how to get it to work, but I’ve seen it.

The first link to the vine video is using livePreview and Unity.

Yes thats exactly what I’m wanting! Just without any lag… but that looks

It’s still pretty early to start using the video streaming technology. You’re going to run into lag and resolution problems. The good news is that there’s so much momentum that the cameras are getting better rapidly. It might be good for research and prototyping now as you wait for the camera technology to improve. I’ve never used that system, but I highly suspect that there is a few second lag.

This is a good one to try if you’re experimenting as a hobbyist.

It’s not split screen, but you can see a rectangular streaming image that you can navigate in 360.