Theta S timeless video—moon ring(maybe not this word)-update new work for fix battery issue

You can call it “A busy night sky” by Ricoh theta S Interval composite shooting mode.

After a week ,I open my Theta S to take some pic,it has a little problem, I can’t open it at self-timer mode.

That means when I hold WiFi button and push power button to open it in self-timer mode,the camera will quickly to shutdown after seconds.

And if I just push the power button,everything is fine.

I try few times to test, I found relief the WiFi button first and after two second to relief the power button,it finally work in self-timer mode.I don’t know why,but it really works.

Whatever ,it can take pic is my final wish ,it works.

When I finish these test ,it still have almost 2/3 battery.

I can use it like backup camera when I out .

So everthing down here, I wish it can usefull to everone.


This is great info. thanks for all your work and reports.