THETA V: Minimum System Requirements for 4K Live Streaming

There is a Japanese support FAQ about the minimum system requirements for 4K live streaming with the THETA V (original Japanese).

This translates to:

Please confirm that the OS of your PC is Windows 10 (version 1703) or later or macOS Sierra (version 10.12.4) or later.

This is kind of an important thing to know!!!

You’re my hero for finding this. Once I upgraded to Sierra, streaming started working.

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Have you made any upgrades to your SphericalPhotoToolkit? I was just wanting to sit down and try fixing some orientation and other issues with some photos I have. Was planning on using it.


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No changes/upgrades. Let me know if you have any issues.

I’d like to upgrade it to allow you to rotate/edit video. Should be easy except it will be slow. Maybe if I get a weekend free at some point.

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Ok, understood. I’ll let you know what I run into. Thanks.