Theta x usb streaming 2K @ 15fps

how do we get theta x to stream 2K @15fps?

I have modified GitHub - ricohapi/libuvc-theta-sample
following instructions here How to livestream using theta X? · Issue #8 · ricohapi/libuvc-theta-sample · GitHub

I then amended libuvc-theta-sample/gst_viewer.c at master · ricohapi/libuvc-theta-sample · GitHub to 2K setting, and set the fps to 30 here libuvc-theta-sample/thetauvc.c at master · ricohapi/libuvc-theta-sample · GitHub

I am able to stream 2K @ 30 fps, and I verify this by timing the intervals between each uvc stream callback

however, when I change fps to 15, the application crashes

I guess from theta-plugin-camera-api-sample-x/MainActivity.kt at main · ricohapi/theta-plugin-camera-api-sample-x · GitHub, that the expected value for 15fps is actually 0

I change fps to 0, and am able to stream at 2K again. however, I am still receiving frames at 30fps

how do we get theta x to stream at 15fps as advertised? streaming at a higher fps than necessary is a waste of compute

I don’t have a solution and I’m not sure if it is possible to change the framerate using libuvc.

You may be able to ask the author, nickel110 by opening an issue on GitHub.