2 hour 360 Videos with RICOH THETA X - Low FPS at 5.7K and 8K

New features in Firmware 2.00 allow the THETA X to take 8K and 5.7K videos at low framerate for up to 7,200 seconds or 2 hours. This format is for video frame extraction and Google Streetview Studio use cases. The video format is intended for workflows where the individual frames are exported as still images.
This is currently for developers only. Hopefully, we’ll see some apps coming up soon to make use of these features.

Test scripts on GitHub to test low FPS video


low FPS video

THETA X supports the following low FPS video formats with a max video of 2 hours:

  • 8K 2fps, 5fps, 10fps
  • 5.7K 2fps 5fps, 10fps

5.7K video format

2fps, economy bitrate, 5min 2sec

File Name                       : R0100250.MP4
File Size                       : 206 MiB
File Modification Date/Time     : 2023:05:22 19:26:32-07:00
File Type                       : MP4
File Type Extension             : mp4
MIME Type                       : video/mp4
Duration                        : 0:05:02
Audio Format                    : mp4a
Audio Channels                  : 1
Audio Bits Per Sample           : 16
Audio Sample Rate               : 48000
Image Width                     : 5760
Image Height                    : 2880
Video Frame Rate                : 1.522
Spherical                       : true
Stitched                        : true
Stitching Software              : RICOH THETA X Ver 2.00.0
Projection Type                 : equirectangular
Source Count                    : 1
Time Stamp                      : 2023:05:23 02:11:41
Make                            : RICOH
Camera Model Name               : RICOH THETA X
Orientation                     : Horizontal (normal)
Resolution Unit                 : inches
Software                        : RICOH THETA X Ver 2.00.0
Modify Date                     : 2023:05:22 19:11:41
Y Cb Cr Positioning             : Centered
Megapixels                      : 16.6
Avg Bitrate                     : 5.57 Mbps
Rotation                        : 0
Focal Length                    : 1.4 mm


I saw a heat warning sign after 20 minutes.

This did not affect the recording.

The warning sign went away. I tested the camera at night and the air
temperature got cooler.

2 hour test

4.3GB in size.

2 hour video

Video plays with no problem. Navigation works.

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