Theta X - 8k video, ~30FPS, stabilized in camera?

5 minute or longer video recorded, stabilized in camera, h.264 or HEVC encoded. Coming to check…stay tuned. :slight_smile:

If there is a hardware encoder that can encode as per specification 8k resolution in 30FPS I would like to see. I know inbuilt recorder is for now only recording in 8k with 10fps, also operation time is important as higher framerate generates more heat.

I was able to set 8k mode in camera, but for some reason when I examined video closely, zoomed into pixels, I think there is something wrong with the pixel density. Even if it says 8k, video is in 8k, when uploading to youtube, it detects it as 8k, BUT it doesn’t look like real 8k. More like something around 6k. I’m trying to directly capture the preview and record, not using default inbuilt recorder by Ricoh.

Another notice from my end is that seems like FPS can’t be maintained at 30FPS. When using 8k mode “RicMovieRecording7680” the recorded video average framerate is closer to 25 than 30. Any way this firmware upgrade was huge and clearly the approach taken by Ricoh engineers is good. I’m still missing somehow direct access to camera lenses individually, or through android.hardware.Camera class instead of theta360.hardware.Camera, because using the new Ricoh Camera class is taking too much resources from the GPU/CPU for some reason. Directly accessing “old” android classes is generating less heat → much longer operation time is possible.