360 photo viewers review with live demos

Hi all. I recently put together this overview of embeddable HTML/JS photo viewers that support content in 360 format. It’s not super comprehensive but it has live demos of each, so you can try them live. There are free and paid options, I tried to find most popular. If you think some cool (especially if it’s free) viewer is missing, let me know and I’ll possibly add it later.

Here is the link: https://360photo-to-video.com/360-photo-viewers-comparison.html


Which one do you recommend for an image gallery with over 100 pictures?

Do you see a need to show people that it is a 360 image? For example, to have it start rotating or have a giant 360 overlay on top of the image?

What about optional interface to navigate with a VR headset?

BTW, these are great shots. Did you take them?

Gallery with over 100 pictures? Good luck :slight_smile:
Even those 10 pictures now can’t be displayed on a decently powerful smartphone because of the resources limitation. Something about number of webgl contexts used at a time. I guess if a viewer is very careful with resources management or with some extra JS to free contexts when not in view, you can achieve that. Most certainly, extra work needed, but I have not tried. That’s an interesting idea to try.

As for giving a hint that it’s a 360 photo, I think it makes sense to show it, and many viewers have autoplay option, which is to user (developer) to enable. I tried to keep settings for each as default as possible.

I think it’s a good suggestion to add information about VR support, will do, thanks!

Not my shot (I wish). I took it from a stock site where it was marked as free to use.


Great work thank you