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360 Tour Software and Hosting Sites mid 2020 - Sam Rohn Edition

Update 2020, July 21: This post is now a Wiki that anyone should be able to edit

There is a great poll by Sam Rohn on a Facebook Group, 360° Panoramic Photographers on Facebook.

Thank to Sam Rohn for putting this together.

As many people in this community do not have Facebook accounts, I am putting some of the information here.

There are additional hands-on reviews of virtual tour software on the virtual tours site

Votes last updated July 20, 2020

Software Category Votes Cost
KRPano Commercial Software 114
Pano2VR Commercial Software 102
3DVista Software 65 Eur 499 for Virtual Tour Pro
Panotour Pro software, discontinued 60
Google Street View tour hosting software 30
Kuula tour hosting software 28 from $0 to $36/month
360 Cities pano hosting service 27
GoThru tour hosting software 16
Marzipano open source software 15 free, open source
Theasys tour hosting software 7 yes
cms4vr sotware 6
WalkInto tour hosting software 6
Matterport tour hosting software 5
Roundme tour hosting software, discontinued, service problems noted below 5
Pannellum open source software 4 free, open source
SeekBeak tour hosting service 4
teliportme tour hosting service 3
Cloudpano tour hosting service 3
metareal tour hosting service 2
RICOH Tours tour hosting service 2
Panoskin tour hosting service 2
Klapty tour hosting service 1
PanoWalks tour hosting service 1
Cupix tour hosting service 0
Spinattic tour hosting service 0
ForgeJS open source software 0 free, open source tour hosting software 0
GeoCV tour hosting software 0
Orbix360 tour hosting software 0
Lapentor tour hosting software 0
Panolens.js open source software 0 free, open source

Note on Roundme.

This note on Facebook indicates business problems with the service. Suggest you do thorough research as the service may not be active as of July 20, 2020.

There is a long discussion about Roundme errors on another forum. Strongly suggest your review the information posted by other photographers. Comments indicate that there are widespread problems with the service.

Additional Information on “Free as in Beer” Software and Hosting (1)

(1) definition of free as in beer

Additional Information for Developers





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Nice details by @Sam_Rohn - Thanks for posting this.


thanks craig :slight_smile:

link to poll in your post is broken, working link is here -

and 360 panoramic photographers group on facebook here -

about the results:

krpano is the most popular choice for experienced 360 pros, it is the most versatile and has always had the best display quality and has always been a year or 2 ahead of other software in adding important features like multi res deep zoom gigapixel, html5 compatibility, support for stereo 360, vr headsets, 6dof 3d and matterport style dollhouse, etc etc, but only a minimal gui without the discontinued panotour pro (which many of us still use as seen in results)

and note that the same poll in other groups might have different result, 3dvista seems more popular w beginners vs pano2vr for a gui app right now, and perhaps services like kuula and matterport etc may be overall more popular with beginners and real estate tour folks as well



thanks for the great information.

I made the following changes:

  1. added correct link to the poll on Facebook in the original post
  2. added link to the Facebook Group in the original post
  3. Added note about Roundme problems based on your response on Facebook

Should I change the title of this topic to 360 Tour Software and Hosting Sites mid 2020 - 360 Panographic Photographers on Facebook Edition?

Update 2020 - 07 -21

I am sharing this post from the group on Facebook to help out people trying to make a decision on Virtual Tour software and virtual reality associations. Please research things carefully as there are some companies out there trying to take advantage of people. :frowning:


Clarification on the status of Panotour Pro