360° Software Overview

Hi all, something different this weekend. I took a look at an old Ben Claremont master list video of Virtual Tour software and wrote some notes to condense the hour long video. I’ve made my way through some of the list and aim to update this post with a link to each software’s article! The softwares he looked at are listed below:

Beginner (Free):

Google Tour Creator: https://arvr.google.com/tourcreator/

VeeR Experience: https://veer.tv/landing/experience

Marzipano: https://www.marzipano.net/

Orbix360: https://www.orbix360.com/

Theasys: https://www.theasys.io/


Matterport: https://www.matterport.com

CloudPano: https://www.cloudpano.com CloudPano LIFETIME deal: https://bit.ly/2QoB9rH

Kuula: https://kuula.co/?ref=benclaremont


Cupix: https://www.cupix.com

Panoskin: https://www.panoskin.com

GoThru: https://www.gothru.co

My360: https://www.my360.es


Pano2VR: https://ggnome.com/pano2vr

Krpano: https://krpano.com/news/

3DVista: https://www.3dvista.com/en/purchase?c…


Google Tour Creator: Doesn’t require your own 360 images which is cool, but have to upload pictures one at a time. Weird nadir, no hotspots.

VeeR Experience: Takes photos and videos, custom logos and hotspots, can view tours in VR.

Marzipano: Can download tours, but no custom hotspots. Have to code cooler hotspots. You can’t host the tour via their service.

Orbix360: Slightly more advanced than GTC, fre custom Nadir that moves with photo

Theasys: Many hotspot options, custom smoothness of viewer, music, leveling, crisp photo quality, lens flares.

Matterport: Incorporates a “Dollhouse effect” 3D scan of house and a walkthrough effect. Has no manual upload (you have to do all your shooting in the app) but should be different by now; has a blurred nadir and pulls tours from the server if you stop paying though.

CloudPano: Is user friendly. Does not offer a lot of customisation, but is simple.

Kuula: Is very customisable glens flare, filters + intensity of filters), his “best for beginners”.

Cupix: This one is geared towards architects and is more complex than other software. It needs many photos to create path (like a photo every couple feet), so it’s great for documentation processes. Allows you to measure spaces, which is unique.

Panoskin: Have to start as a street view tour and then turn it into a custom tour which is a little troublesome. Some steps are unclear, but interactive customization available in custom options make Panoskin interesting. It also integrates well in other sites, such as your own.

GoThru: Meant for GSV and has lots of customization options for logos and menus. It has easy navigation tools but same box on all tours.

My360: Very unclear dashboard. Has basic hotspoting and transitions aren’t great. You can set a custom nadir.

Pano2VR: If you buy once, you own this one forever. Pano2VR has a high level of customisation and hundreds of tutorials on youtube. The tours generated through this look great.

Krpano: Need to code to use but the menu looks nice. The website is basic.

3DVista: Easy and allows custom branding elements. It also has cool effects for hotspots.

Ben Claremond ranked 3DVista first, Pano2VR second, and Panoskin third. You can view my reviews for each of these by clicking the hyperlink attached.

I don’t totally agree with this ranking and would instead rank Orbix360, CloudPano, and Kuula higher but that is because I am a beginner and find these the most suitable for my needs (I also don’t host virtual tours for profit, so software that requires personal hosting is above my head).

Do you agree with this ranking? The original video is from November of 2019, so there have been some changes to programs since he posted this overview.

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