4K 120 Mbps livestreaming

Among the features of THETA V I read 4K, H264: 3840 × 1920 / 29.97 fps / 120 Mbps in livestreaming, somebody can tell me how to save a video from THETA to 120 Mbps on PC

I’m not sure about that 120 Mbps bitrate. Can you share the link where you read it?

If you save the stream to disk using OBS, how do you check to see what the bitrate is?

When I did tested live streaming with OBS, I wasn’t getting anything close to 120 Mbps, but I also have limited knowledge of live streaming. I am still learning about bitrates myself.

on the official site at the technical specifications there is a + button to open all the features. the link I saw https://theta360.com/it/about/theta/v.html
the interesting thing is that it would seem that you can save the video virtually non-compressed with a very high quality but it’s not clear how to get it

1005kb/s should be 1mb/s , you can check the bitrate on windows by clicking on the video file with the right mouse button, properties / details and you can see all the details of the file, duration, bitrate, resolution etc.
Bitrate is the amount of video file data, in theta is reduced to 56MB/s for 4k, so you can save up to 19 GB of internal memory, obviously saving directly to your PC would help eliminate compression and have higher quality

In this screenshot, the video file saved from camera shows 56399Kbps. Are you trying to get that file to your PC? If so, I can answer that question.

After conversion to equirectangular and running through the spatial audio converter, it shows this:

On the web site, I only see reference to 56Mbps for the file, not for live streaming

In the information below, it does not list the bitrate for live streaming.

If you’re trying to move the video file from your camera to your Windows 10 PC, just use a USB cable. If you’re trying to do this on a Mac, you need this software.


live streaming test

As far as live streaming, my hardware is too weak to experiment with higher bitrates.

This is a now low-end 4-core 4790K i7 with a cheap nvidia 750Ti video card in it.

Maybe a test with a more modern 8 core CPU like the Ryzen 1700 or the new 8700K 6 core i7 might yield better results. I don’t know how much the GPU impacts the encoder.

I’m using OBS.

thanks for the answer, following a screenshot of the official website page where the bitrate is 120 Mb/s in livestreaming and 58 Mb / s for the video

in fact 56399 Kbps are 56 Mb/s, I do not know if you have to go out of official ricoh streaming software where you can save the videos at 120000 Kbps - 120 Mb/s

I believe that while streaming is possible to record on PCs at 120Mb / s but not streaming, that bitrate I think is impossible.
In the last screeshot there seems to be a voice REC 00:00:00 maybe you can record while streaming

No one I know has tested it at 120Mb/s.

We know a couple of things:

  • there are two different drivers: THETA V and THETA UVC 4K
  • Most people are using THETA UVC 4K as there are or were problems using THETA V

I think, but do not know for sure, that the THETA V driver puts less load on the CPU. Thus, I suspect that to get maximum bitrate, it’s better to use THETA V, not THETA UVC 4K. Unfortunately, we can’t get the THETA V driver to work consistently on Windows 10.

With a fast computer, you can start increasing the bitrate of the stream until it maxes out. I do not have a fast computer in my office right now because I moved my fast computer to my son who wanted to play some heavy PC game over the summer in competition.

With my weak system with UVC 4K, I tried:

  • 10Mb bitrate failed
  • 8Mb bitrate shows high dropped framerate
  • 6Mb bitrate setting shows max of 3.7Mb bitrate with 80% dropped frames on average
  • 4Mb bitrate setting shows average of 2.3Mb/sec (greater than 50% dropped packets)
  • 3Mb/sec bitrate shows similar to above
  • 2Mb/sec bitrate shows about 2Mb/sec actual throughput and 0% dropped frames

I suspect that problem here is UVC 4K blender, which is in beta.

A test of THETA V (not UVC 4K) on MPC-HC (not OBS) might yield better results.

Other tests that I am thinking of trying:

  • trying from Mac with THETA V driver
  • higher-end Windows 10 system with 6 cores and better graphics card
  • Trying MPC-HC with THETA V

Update 11/7/2017 afternoon

I updated this article to show how to test MPC-HC with the RICOH THETA V driver. I have not tested the bitrate.

Hi there

I have not had success installing UVC 2.0, cannot find a UVC 4K for mac.

System Imac 5k iOS 10.12.6 Sierra, also tried Macbook, no luck
Theta V 2.00.2
UVC v2.00

UVC will not register, on Mac or windows 10.

Where can I get the Theta V driver and the UVC 4k for mac.

I got it,just used the camera’s driver.

I would like to activate H.265 compression, any ideas

thank you


There is no UVC 4K for Mac. Information below.

H.265 is not enabled on the THETA V right now. Although the hardware supports H.265, there is no firmware or software to enable hardware encoding of H.265. I believe this is due to royalty license costs associated with H.265.

Can you see the THETA V on your Mac in QuickTime?

Yes, it works with Quicktime, I was able to get 4k working on OBS, thanks to your posts.

Hopefully, a plugin will be available for H.265 compression soon.

Thank you for your help


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Great news. I hope it’s possible to build a plug-in for H.265.


The Snapdragon 625 supports it.