Developer Impact of Google Project Tango Augmented Reality Phones Coming to Market

Google’s Project Tango promises to improve motion tracking, area learning and depth perception in phones. Lenovo just released the phab2pro.

Will this enable better use of 360 images on phones into the future? Or, will it encourage more applications to use the camera that is built into the phone?

motion tracking

Track position relative to previous position with 6 degree of freedom motion control.

Area Learning

Combining GPS and motion sensor to create a more detailed map of the area with the concept Google calls, “Area Learning”

Based on this data, the phone creates an Area Description File

Depth Perception

Stored in point file data format. Allows virtual objects to detect collision with physical objects. For example, a 3D cat touching a real-world wall.

The point file data can be fed into a physics engine of a game. Point File Data can also be stored and then used to build a 3D model.