FIXED: Theta V Spatial Audio and YouTube Issue

Just got the Theta V yesterday after watching all the spatial audio examples on their official YouTube channel. I updated camera to the latest firmware and installed latest desktop app on my Mac. The stitched and processed video files playback perfectly with spatial audio in the desktop application. However, once uploaded to YouTube, the spatial audio is not recognized and in mono. I had expected the files to be plug and play for sharing. I tried the Google/YouTube Spatial Media Metadata Injector and it doesn’t recognize there is spatial audio in the video file. I’ve been looking at user uploads of video on YouTube from the Theta V and can’t find any examples of working Spatial Audio. I contacted Ricoh about this but does anyone have thoughts or ideas? Thanks!

People can also try spatial audio with

  1. Theta app on iOS/Android
  2. Ricoh Theta software on PC/MAC

Update: YouTube support was tested by a number of people using the RICOH THETA Movie Converter described here. Spatial audio is verified to work on YouTube. We are closing this topic as resolved. Please continue the Spatial Audio on YouTube discussion at the discussion top above.

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