Get infos failed when i switch connection

Hello everyone. I 'm developping an interface using ricoh theta web API which allow me to capture with ricoh theta. I noticed that I make good request because I’ve a tool which allow me to make call request.
I got a status code BadRequest when I make call

Process :

  • Go to my view app
  • Click on refresh button which get infos and state
  • Go to network setings >> connect phone to theta device by WIFI
  • I got this status code : BadRequest without message

But if I click again call work’s well


I’m working on xamarin forms (c# and .NET)

Some screens :
When I want to post state

Api call

This class is the response post state structure

Paste your entire request or a screenshot of the request. Include the HTTP header in your note here

Thank’s for your quick reply, I put update in my post

I’m not familiar with C#, are you passing the POST request additional parameters with the “content” variable?


This site is an HTTP API tester. Can you verify that your code works using a POST request with no parameters?

I got this

This is the correct response from the “state” API. Are you still having a problem?

You got that response from your Xamarin application, right?

I get an error in this case :

  • When I start my app I click on a refresh button which is allow me to check connexion and after connect to ricoh and I got this error : failed to connect to / (port 80) from / (port 49748) after 86400000ms: isConnected failed: ETIMEDOUT (Connection timed out)

that’s a general network error from your computer or phone to the camera. When this occurs, can you “ping” the camera.


You can also test the network connection from a web browser at

Or using curl


Can you explain me the process of the use of ricoh theta I tell you what I make :

  • call api post osc/state
  • if I got data I continue else popup error
  • call api info osc/info
  • If I got data I continue else popup
  • I saw preview which work’s well for me

I would like to noticed that I don’t use startSession because is for API 2.1.
Your app has a button to connect to ricoh, if it’s true how you do when you click on button but you are not connected. Do you understand ?

You are correct that you don’t need to use startSession with API 2.1. This will work with the THETA V and THETA Z1, the most recent models. I believe this will also work with the SC2, but I haven’t confirmed it myself and the RICOH API documentation still needs to be updated for SC2.

The official RICOH mobile app does use the Wi-Fi connection functions of the underlying mobile phone OS, either iOS or Android.

I do not know of an example of how to enable this. You may need to look online.

I do not have experience with the commands below:

Also, just so you know, I don’t work for RICOH. This site is an independent community-run resource that is sponsored by RICOH, but not is not a RICOH site.

If you’re working on a big commercial project, just be aware that we’re providing community responses which may contain errors.

Also note that I do not think recent Android OS devices can connect to mobile LTE and Wi-Fi at the same time.

Thank you a lot I will read it

Feel free to ask questions here. I think people are happy to help out. However, if you’re working on a large, commercial project, your team may also want to contact RICOH directly, likely starting with the RICOH regional manager or person that set up a business account with RICOH.

I believe that checking for a network connectivity and then moving to a Wi-Fi setup screen is a generic mobile OS problem. There’s no example of how to do this in the RICOH mobile SDK (iOS, Android).

If you find a working solution, please post an answer as other people have asked this question in the past.