HDR plugin to automatically create EXR file. For VFX use

@FridayMarch26th, thank for the note of hope.

Please note that the plug-in does not currently work on the Z1. I think that only a minor modification is needed to the threading to the larger Z1 image sizes. Do you have a THETA V or a Z1?

If you have a THETA V and use this plug-in, make sure you understand that you need to change the extension from *.JPG to *.EXR on your local computer.

If you have any questions about the plug-in, please post them here.

Let’s keep the hope alive!

I’m a Z1 owner (…of around two hours), and yes, I note that the Z1 isn’t yet supported by this tool.

Really, I just wanted to note somewhere that the current Z1 software is not good, while sounding up beat about the future of the product.

So fingers crossed for that future. Let’s hope that as time passes development continues and the SW catches up with the HW.


@FridayMarch26th, thanks for the note. It did sound upbeat and hopeful. :slight_smile:

I can provide a little assistance with the following:

  • if you want to provide more specifics on the limitations of the Z1 software, I can pass the information to the product manager. In particular, are you referring to the workflow of using the mobile app to take bracketed shots (how many?) and then using Photoshop / Lightroom (or maybe specialized software) to create the HDR file. From there, do you put it into something like MAYA?
  • as Kasper was nice enough to open source the software, I was able to test it on the Z1. @jcasman and I may be able to help Kasper figure out where the problem is. I think the problem is minor. If Kasper fixes the problem, I can definitely help him to load an updated plug-in to the store

Additional note. I only looked at the problem for 10 minutes, but I think it may be related to the larger Z1 images taking up more processing cycles and I think it may just require the “merging” process to be run on a background thread (which is fairly simple to implement). I’m hopeful that it’s an easy fix. :-0

@FridayMarch26th, thanks for the feedback and all the details. Can you point out this self-referencing help link that you’re referring to? Is this in the RICOH THETA mobile app? The HDR2EXR documentation? Where did it come up?

Will it work with version 3.00.1 firmware?
I was able to shoot, but removethis.JPG is not generated.

The reverse of this technique could work for the EXR file.

Here’s a skeleton to run an HTTP server inside of the camera. It would need to be adapted for the specific file format of EXR.

Here’s an article and longer example of using a HTTP server that runs inside the camera.

There may be a problem with firmware 3.00.1. I’m checking it now. The plug-in is stopping with a pi-pi-pi error sound, which is not normal behavior. Asking @jcasman to help with testing now.

I will also test with firmware 2.50.1, which was the last version of firmware tested before submission.

test with firmware 2.50.1

Test 1

result: successful
firmware: 2.50.1
reboot: yes

Test 2 - no reboot

result: stuck on red flashing LED with no blue LED mixed in. No HDR file produced
firmware: 2.50.1
reboot: no

  • took out of plug-in mode
  • set back into plug-in mode
  • took three attempts to put into plug-in mode (came out of plug-in mode after a second on two attempts)

Test 3

result: success
reboot: yes
firmware: 2.50.1

WiFi LED solid magenta

  • 0:50 flashing green and taking pictures
  • 0:50 to flashing red with blue LED blinking occasionally
  • 2:00 blue flashing
  • 2:30 red flashing
  • 2:40 ending sound. One continuous sound. Solid Magenta
  • press lower mode button to take out of plug-in mode

Test 4

test condition: delete all old files from camera. reboot power of camera by holding down power button.
result: successful
firmware: 2.50.1
reboot: yes

Wi-Fi LED is solid magenta at start of test

  • 0- 0:50 - flashing green
  • 0:51- 2:05 flashing red with some blue
  • 2:06 - 2:40 flashing blue
  • 2:41 - 3:00 flashing red
  • 3:01 - end sound, solid magenta

Take out of plug-in mode by pressing lower mode button.
Connect to Windows 10 computer with USB cable.

Testing HDR file with Luminance HDR. File appears to contain all relevant light information.

3.00.1 firmware tests

Note: first three tests failed. Plug-in completes all shots per the procedure above. Does not save HDR file to camera storage. Will stop working with “pi-pi-pi” sound

Error using debugger

2019-05-31 04:26:14.488 2454-2454/com.kasper.hdr2exr I/MainActivity: Done with picture taking, let's start with the HDR merge.
2019-05-31 04:26:14.488 2454-2454/com.kasper.hdr2exr D/MainActivity: times length is: 11
2019-05-31 04:26:14.489 2454-2454/com.kasper.hdr2exr I/MainActivity: Merging average pics for denoise.
2019-05-31 04:26:14.614 2454-2454/? D/AndroidRuntime: Shutting down VM
2019-05-31 04:26:14.629 2454-2461/? I/art: Debugger is no longer active
2019-05-31 04:26:14.629 2454-2461/? I/art: Starting a blocking GC Instrumentation
2019-05-31 04:26:15.175 2454-5696/? W/art: Thread attaching while runtime is shutting down: Binder:2454_3
2019-05-31 04:26:15.175 2454-5696/? I/AndroidRuntime: NOTE: attach of thread 'Binder:2454_3' failed
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I’ve tested the HDR2EXR plug-in on a THETA V running firmware 2.50.1. This means it’s currently one update behind the 3.00.1 firmware.

The plug-in works well for me in multiple tests over several hours.

  1. Downloaded and installed HDR2EXR from the store using USB
  2. Set it as the boot plug-in using the RICOH THETA desktop app using USB
  3. Set THETA to Plug-in Mode - Main front LED goes from blue to white and the Wi-Fi LED turns magenta (pink)
  4. Shutter button starts the plug-in, it takes 34 images - This takes a little time - Approx 1 minute
  5. When it’s done taking the pictures, while is it busy creating the HDR file, the Wi-Fi LED blinks both blue and red - This also takes a little time - Approx 2 minutes
  6. When the HDR file is created, the Wi-Fi LED returns to magenta (pink) - I did this multiple times in a row - Sometimes I waited several minutes or sometimes I pressed the shutter button again almost immediately - Works fine
  7. Note: You need to reboot the THETA to see your HDR file - This is true for both Mac (using Image Capture or RICOH THETA File Transfer for Mac) and Windows (using File Manger)

Summary: HDR2EXR works for me using 2.50.1 firmware. If you want to use it, I believe it is not “easy to use,” but it does, with just one button press, nicely find the lighting settings and then use those to set the ISO for 11 bracketed images, and then produces an HDR file.

Getting that file off the THETA requires a reboot. And you need to understand that you then pull the file off the camera, rename the extension (format is this: “R05311154.EXR_removethis.JPG”) from .JPG to .HDR in order to get what you want. It’s not a big challenge, but it requires following the steps.

Example from Windows File Manager showing 8 HDR files (“R05311154.EXR_removethis.JPG”) inside the THETA ready to be moved to my computer

How can I delete on Mac folders created by HDR2EXR plugin ? ( the files I can delete with Photo App on Mac, but the folders are still on the Theta V.

Use the “Image Capture” app on the Mac. Plug the THETA into the Mac with a USB cable. Please post additional questions if you have any problems.

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Here’s my current understanding:

I cannot delete the folders on a Mac. Using Image Capture (or, as you suggest, the Photos app) I can delete all the pictures and .txt files. The folders will remain. Each folder takes up 4K.

I can see the folders by using the RICOH THETA File Transfer for Mac app, but I am not be able to delete them.

On a Windows machine, I can use the normal File Manager to see the folders and delete them.

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I’m not using a Mac. What do you mean, “I cannot delete the folders on a Mac?”

Are you suggesting that the file structure of the folder name can’t be deleted? Isn’t there some want to delete it from a Mac?

HDR2EXR plugin create folders and put photos into the folders. after downloading the photos I cannot delete the folders.

@Zsolt_Horvath, thanks for this clear explanation of the problem. As I don’t have a Mac, I was not aware of this problem. Also, during development, the developers can delete the folders from the camera. It’s good to identify this problem so we can look for a fix.

@jcasman is there no way to delete the folders?

The plug-in can be modified to look for empty folders and delete them, but it would be nice to find a way to delete the folders right now. Otherwise, we’ll need to resubmit the plug-in to the store.

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I am in the same situation as you and keeping my fingers crossed that this tool will run on Z1 as fast as possible.
to all: If i can help in some way please give me some message.

same for me… I am trying to come back to the previous firmware version, is there a simple way to do that ? I imagine that I have to go through developer mode that I tried to avoid in the first place

Hi all,

I’ve pushed a new version to the github. It worked on my V with firmware 3.00. Can you guys test if it works for you aswell?
Indeed it was the shutter_speed_tag in the exif info. Thanx for the heads up!
Also I’ve enabled the z1 tag so maybe that will make it run on the z1. I still haven’t got my hands on one so I can’t test it. If it works it will running in the lower V resolution so it will not add much extra except a better lens.

Hope to test it out on a z1 soon but they are in all sold out pretty soon here in Holland. We’ve got an order standing so hopefullt it will come in soon.

Also I’ve merged it with the plugin store version so all that info should be there!!

Let me know if it works!

Greetings Kasper


@Kasper, @AlexandreDizeux, @gcorner, @codetricity,

I tested the new apk that @Kasper uploaded yesterday. It appears to work on both 2.50.1 and 3.00.1.

I am able to test on firmware 2.50.1, 3.00.1 and on a Z1.

I’m using Windows.

2.50.1 - Works
3.00.1 - Works!!!

Notes - not new, all documented, but worth re-iterating

  • If you’re loading an apk (as opposed to downloaded a finished plug-in from the Store) be sure to set permissions using Vysor or some similar program
  • Be sure to reboot after running the plug-in to see the files taken by the plug-in

Z1 - Tried multiple times, was not able to install

Installed and setup like this:

But when I click OK, I get this error message:

Works great.


Some glitches with Z1, but it does install and run.

Suggest we submit with only THETA V support and then add Z1 when Kasper gets his Z1 and can test it more thorougly

Does not produce EXR file on THETA Z1 right now.

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Thanks for confirming, Craig. It appears that the new apk works on 2.50.1 AND 3.00.1. That’s great!

Agree, maybe we wait on Z1 work until @Kasper gets his, since it appears our results testing on Z1 differ currently.