How do I Live stream Theta Z1 to HTC Vive Pro?

Good Morning Everyone!

First time being on here and I’m very new to this kind of stuff to be honest but I’m learning and that’s the important thing.
I’m working on a new project at work and I’ve been tasked to get a live 360 degree Stream going into the HTC VIVE pro we bought.
I have noticed there is quite a popular thread about using the Theta V and a small executable program which allows you to have a full 360 degree view live I mistakenly didn’t see it was for the V and tried it and it didn’t work. Is there a similar program available for the Z1? I believe the small program was using unity as the base.
The end goal is to have the camera and the HTC in separate environments but that will be the next challenge.
Any help would be very much appreciated!

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The Z1 can stream to Unity. There is discussion in the thread below. There is also additional software that may help with this. I’ll send you an email about the the free software.

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I think you are at the right place and you did fine that you bought Z1 for live streaming… Especially as I think this is the best camera for it because it can be customized, lot of people working on different “plugins” for this camera, I’m not aware of any other Brand with this kind of development community. I also must mention @craig and @jcasman , who are driving this community. I actually picket this camera because of them, their tutorials, information shared here and code too. Not to mentione my requirements: to have a lightweight camera to stream easily wirelessly, without additional equipment needed to stich, to encode etc. At the moment when I bought this camera , this functionality wasn’t working as expected, at the end I developed my own live streaming plugin. It may not be required to develop yourself, but if you have some special requirements you may…

Would like to understand a bit more your requirements before answering, if you don’t mind.

About the end goal:

  1. do you want to live stream to multiple viewers or just one viewer?
  2. camera location and viewer(s) at the end will be far from each other,
  3. latency - how important is latency for you?
  4. Is it required to stream directly from camera wirelessly, or a wired connection to camera and PC will work for you?