How setup datetime on theta camera using web api?

i’m trying setup datetime Date_time_zone on ricoh theta camera using web api, and got following error.
Could you help me? What am i doing wrong?

--> POST
Content-Length: 116
Content-Type: application/json;charset=utf-8
Accept: application/json
          "dateTimeZone":"2014:05:18 01:04:29+08:00",
END POST (116-byte body)
<-- 400 Bad Request (86ms)
Connection: Keep-Alive
X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff
Content-Length: 173
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8
{"error":{"code":"invalidParameterValue","message":"Any input parameter or option name is recognized, but its value is invalid."},"name":"camera.setOptions","state":"error"}
<-- END HTTP (173-byte body)

Please advise on camera model and firmware. I have tested with a single command successfully. Testing with the two options in sequence failed.

I suggest a reasonable workaround is to run setOptions twice, once for just dateTimeZone with only that option set. The second time, set all your other options.

Test 1 - single command on Z1, firmware 1.60.1, dateTimeZone only

Result: success

Test Environment

  "firmwareVersion": "1.60.1",
  "manufacturer": "RICOH",
  "model": "RICOH THETA Z1",


{name: camera.setOptions, state: done}
{dateTimeZone: 2020:05:18 01:04:29+08:00}


check options with getOptions


      "dateTimeZone": "2020:05:18 01:05:08+08:00",

Test 2 - Multiple options, including dateTimeZone



Failing with multiple commands is one of the commands is dateTimeZone. Will continue to test. In the meantime, suggest you break up the setOptions into two commands.

Test 3 - set multiple options, without dateTimeZone

Check to see if multiple options can be set in general.




    "exposureDelay"    : 0,
    "exposureCompensation": 0.7

Test 4 - set multiple options with dateTimeZone as last option

Checking if dateTimeZone takes longer to save to persistent storage.



Option Payload

    "exposureDelay"    : 0,
    "exposureCompensation": 0.7,
    "dateTimeZone": "2020:05:18 01:04:29+08:00"

Test 5 - Set Options Individually in Script

Set options individually. No delay between options. Functionality should be comparable to setting
multiple commands.



Script Used for Testing

# set individual options one at a time

# set first option
./theta.exe setOption --name=dateTimeZone --value="2020:05:18 01:04:29+08:00"

# HTTP session is automatically closed
# next option is set with no delay

# set second option
./theta.exe setOption --name=exposureDelay --value=0
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