How The Associated Press Trains Its Journalists To Shoot in 360 Degrees

Just noticing this Facebook Media article on how the AP trains its journalists to use 360 degree cameras. They are extremely enthusiastic about 360 photography, not just as an interesting niche technology:

We think of 360 video as a toolkit that all journalists should have,” says Paul Cheung, director of interactive and digital news production at the AP. “It’s not just a luxury accessory to storytelling. We are creating a lot of enthusiasm by showing that anyone can do it as part of their regular assignment.

It appears they are not using RICOH THETA. Too bad! But the article has a list of main tips and tricks for shooting 360 images and video that I think apply well.

  • Think of the Camera as a Person
  • Find a Unique Angle
  • Shoot Between One and Six Meters Away
  • Be Careful of Moving the Camera While Filming
  • Shoot For At Least One Minute
  • Keep Experimenting

For details on each tip, please see:

How The Associated Press Trains its Journalists To Shoot in 360 Degrees