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How to activate Timeshift mode for Ricoh Theta SC 2 for business?

Hi! I develop the IOS app which should be integrated with Ricoh “Theta SC 2 for business” camera.
It’s very important to be able to use timeshift mode.
I have no any problems with activating TimeShift mode for Ricoh Thena V and Z1. These API documentation helped me a lot:


But when I call the same requests for “Ricoh Theta for business” I get error: “code”:“invalidParameterValue”,“message”:“Any input parameter or option name is recognized, but its value is invalid.”

I was not able to find any information about activating Timeshift in “Ricoh Theta SC 2 for business” in documentation and would appreciate any help you can give me.

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I have it working on my custom app using the API.

I sent you an email about the specific configuration.

I’ll document it on this site in the future.