How to activate Timeshift mode for Ricoh Theta SC 2 for business?

Hi! I develop the IOS app which should be integrated with Ricoh “Theta SC 2 for business” camera.
It’s very important to be able to use timeshift mode.
I have no any problems with activating TimeShift mode for Ricoh Thena V and Z1. These API documentation helped me a lot:


But when I call the same requests for “Ricoh Theta for business” I get error: “code”:“invalidParameterValue”,“message”:“Any input parameter or option name is recognized, but its value is invalid.”

I was not able to find any information about activating Timeshift in “Ricoh Theta SC 2 for business” in documentation and would appreciate any help you can give me.

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I have it working on my custom app using the API.

I sent you an email about the specific configuration.

I’ll document it on this site in the future.


Hi @craig

I would love to learn more. I would love to get timeshift working on my SC2. But I can not commit to start programming and using the API manually.


Time Shift is only available on the SC2B, not the SC2. If you have an SC2B, you can use the official RICOH THETA mobile app to use Time Shift mode. The original poster is working for a business is building their own custom mobile app.

If you have an SC2, you can photoshop yourself out with this technique.

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Brilliant tip, @craig.

From now on I will take two and easily edit myself out.

Thanks a million


If you’re on the go, you can use SnapSeed with the same technique on site or in your car.

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What a wealth of excellent ideas. I love it. Thanks.

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