How to get gravity direction?

Is there a way i can get the direction of the camera with respect to gravity direction?
I thought that orientation data is different with the camera vector, since initial directions are all different …
I want to get a vector that points to the center of gravity.

Thank you so much about any help!!

There’s a gyroscope sensor in the camera. Are you taking a still image?

To get the sensor data in still image, you must set _topBottomCorrection to Disapply.


i’ m taking a 360 video! is this provided for video too?
do you have any suggestion to get camera orientation on video data?
Maybe i have to apply _topBottomCorrection to all the frames… thank you for your help!

The gyroscope data is not attached to the frames of video in a way that we can extract. We do not know the location of the sensor data in the video files.

You can build a plug-in to record the sensor data in an independent log file and then use the plug-in to trigger the video and match up the gyro sensor file and the video

thank you for your reply! have a good day!