Is it possible to get Ricoh camera orientation from live preview?

I’m using camera.getLivePreview and processing jpeg frames received from that. The jpeg images in the frames are not orientation corrected, so I don’t know which way is up. Is there a way to get orientation information of the camera while live preview is active?

turn topBottomCorrection on.

The preview should be oriented properly.

What camera model are you using?

There is no way to get the IMU data during live preview. If you the camera is not moving too quickly, you can take a picture at regular intervals and grab the camera orientation from the metadata of the picture.

If you really need the orientation, you can grab the IMU data from a plugin.


I am using both the SC2 and Z1 and have the same thing. The preview frames are not oriented with up being up. I’m using the web API.

… to be clear, I’m using the camera.getLivePreview command using the web API and programmatically extracting the jpeg frames received from the stream. These frames are not oriented leveled.


OK. I’ll extract the frames and see if I can replicate the behavior. It looks like the frames are corrected in the video, but I do not remember if I saved to local storage and checked.

Unfortunately, the Z1 and SC2 do not support topBottomCorrection of the preview frames in motionjpeg. Only the THETA X does this. In the video I posted, I only tested the X and I incorrectly assumed that the other THETA models would handle topBottomCorrection of the preview frames.

Can you provide more information on your use case requirement for the livePreview? Does your application need to provide the livePreview to a human to make a judgement in real-time? For example, they’re on site at a building and need to see the livepreview in the correct orientation to do something?

Is it possible to test the X in your application?

Thank you for the response. We can look into the X, however we were hoping to have this work with the SC2 because of the cost difference. We are developing a product that will use a spherical camera for solar site installation analysis, and we need to annotate the paths of the sun throughout the year on top of live preview frames as well as captured images. To annotate these sun paths, we need to know the orientation of the camera.

Can you confirm that you have some type of mobile app or tablet app connected to the camera with WiFi?

The SC2 does not support plugins, which can access the gyroscope information.

I’ll ask other people familiar with the camera to see if they have any ideas on a solution.

Hi. Yes, we are developing a mobile app (Android / iOS) that communicates with the camera over WiFi.
Thank you!