"ISS Flyover" by Dave Michal


Title: ISS Flyover
Attribution: Dave Michal
Location: Hamilton, Ontario
Notes: Ricoh Theta S, early night, 25 second exposure


cool. Nice job with that.


Sent email to Dave about the ISS sightings:

Really cool submission, nice job catching the ISS. I’m an organizer of the RICOH THETA Unofficial Site, but I’m not involved in the judging, so I can state my opinions. :slight_smile: Did it take a lot of effort to set up? Did you use something (website or other data) to understand when it was passing overhead? It goes too fast to just notice and take a picture, I think. Then again, a 360° camera might be a real advantage, cause it’ll catch everything, and the 25 second exposure is long enough to elongate the ISS but not much else. Very cool.

Got back a cool tip from him about taking the picture:

I signed up for https://spotthestation.nasa.gov and it sends me an email every time that that it is flying over. Often it is early in the am. Occasionally its 10pm-11pm and I try to catch them as often as I can. Its the object in the sky moving that isn’t blinking and it cruises across.

Honestly, we were about to go for a bike ride and I looked at the time and realized I had 8 minutes till it passed overhead. I ran back inside to grab the camera and my tripod. We made it about 3 minutes before and set up quick.

Sign up for spot the station and you’ll catch one in no time. I gotta practice my settings so I get even better one next time. I really just picked a setting and hit the button. Little bit of luck.

I signed up and am intending to try taking a similar type of photo. The first passover was tonight, 9:01pm, but where I live it’s socked in with clouds and fog tonight. No go. But there are generally “good sighting opportunities” (“sightings that are high enough in the sky (40 degrees or more) and last long enough to give you the best view of the orbiting laboratory”) daily.