Issue with retrieving photo in iOS App

Hello! I have an iOS implementation using the Ricoh Theta V. I updated it back in Nov 2021, but after a complaint of it not working on iOS 15, I’ve been unable to retrieve any image entry after taking a photo.
I will receive a “done” message along with the updated image name (ex ricoh201, 202 etc) but when I try and retrieve the data using the listFiles method, I only can retrieve photos from that moment in Nov 2021.

The retrieved list of the most recent 10 stays at Ricoh178-188, but despite the responses of ever higher images, and even trying to take photos manually with the camera, I never am able to get newer images. Any ideas? It’s been a bit so it could be an implementation issue, but it was working well for both iOS and Android just last year.


I take a photo NSDictionary *body = @{@"name": @"camera.takePicture", @"parameters": @{@"sessionId": self.sessionId}

Then after done command is sent after capture, I get the file url from the httpstatustimer that returns it after completion. I try getting the image from a the list to download to phone.

NSDictionary *body = @{@"name": @"camera.listFiles", @"parameters": @{@"entryCount":@1, @"fileUrl":"", @"fileType":@"all", @"maxThumbSize":@0, @"sessionId": mySessionId}};

However, when I retrieve the image taken with the generated image name, I only get the old photo


  • Take photo
  • save commandID to then upon completion get new captured photo fileId
  • request new photo id for imageList to download,
  • receive old photo from before.

Is the metadata for the timestamp in the files accurate?

Confirm that the date/time of the images you are getting in the list are all accurate.

When I plug in the camera to a computer I see the newer images, but when I call getImageList it doesn’t show any new photos. i updated firmware to latest but still no luck. I will try resetting camera to factory settings to see if there’s any change in response

Are you sure the newer images are not at the very bottom of your list because you reset the time on the camera and the date/time stamp of the new images is from 5 years ago?

What is the date stamp of the images you’re trying to view?


Does it list the images as “October 24”?

Try deleting all the images from the THETA V and take a set of new images.

Also, please post the firmware version you’re using in the THETA V.

The images were from Oct 24, I deleted the images like you suggested, and updated to 3.81.1 firmware which seemed to fix the issue. Trying to track down what exactly was going on but not sure it’s worth it as it might have just been a strange state of the app/camera

Thanks for reporting back. The image index in the internal DB may have gotten corrupted. Good to hear that you have it working again.