Theta+ iOS App - can't edit a new image

I don’t know if this is the right forum to ask for help with the Theta+ app on an iPhone. I have been happily using it to edit and animate 360 images taken with my DJI drone. But in the latest version 3.0.2 there doesn’t seem to be any option to open a new image! I can edit previously edited images but there’s no way to open a new image eg from the camera roll. What am I missing?

I have tried reinstalling on my iphone and on my ipad and it’s the same. Interestingly a couple of reviews on the App Store make similar comments - they can edit a sample image but not one of their own.

Any ideas? Or how do I raise an issue with the Ricoh Theta support? Thanks

@petersp, no problem asking questions here. Someone may be able to help. I don’t have an iPhone, so I can’t test this myself.

if you want to try RICOH support, you can go to and access the support menu.

If you find a solution, please report back here.

Also, other people from the community may submit a solution.

I just edit a picture from my drone last week,I think it’s time that after upgreade this app to 3.0.2

Thanks for your reply. What does the screen before this one look like? i.e. What are you clicking to get this sub-menu of image sources on your phone?

When you into the app after Wellcome picture

You will see this frame

Touch the button “All”(I think it might in English version)and you will find this screen.

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Thanks for sharing those pics. mmm… That’s what I was doing. But when I click on ‘All’ it only shows recently edited images, not the Camera Roll, so I can’t choose a new image to edit.

I think file handling changed a bit in iOS 13. I have emailed Ricoh support for help.

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I still in iOS 12.4 with my SE.maybe this reson.

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