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Job Available: RICOH THETA plugin developer


We are looking for developer that can help us developing a ricoh theta plugin.
A short description of the plugin, would be that we need to be using the motion sensor to trigger some functions from that, we also need to tackle some part of file management, and also the plugin should have some kind of UI to access from the mobile device and control some parts of the plugin and get feedback.

So if you are interested just contact me via PM, and we can discuss further details.
Also if you have some example of your current plugins would be highly appreciated.

BTW- not now but probably implementing tensorflow inside the plugin will be a requirement at some stage of the development.

We already started coding the bases of the plugin, but need someone with large experience to boost the plugin to production in a short time.

Thanks for taking the time to read, and I will really appreciate al your responses.

Kind regards

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Thanks for posting this. I hope you’re okay that I pre-pended the words “Job Available” to your title to make the post easier to find.

I also shared this on our Twitter and Feedback channels.

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