Plug-in Concept Ideas

I recently interviewed a community member that is intimately familiar with the market for 360° cameras. In addition to market expertise, he has a PhD in technology from a well-known university.

I’ve summarized the interview for developers to get inspired to work on a plug-in project.

Plugin Description Diffculty
Stereo Shooting Capture stereo by 2 cameras at the same time can by triggering one button Easy
GPS logger integration Plug-in There is no GPS in THETA V. Bluetooth format with loggers Easy
Custom Trigger Sound Swap sound when shutter button is pressed. Concept similar to custom ring-tone on phones. Humorous or happy shutter button. Easy
DSLR synchronization Similar to Ricoh Multi-Imaging Technology Difficult

For DSLR integration, the THETA could be attached to the hot-shoe of any DSLR.


Instead of the proprietary attachment in the picture above, developers can use the THETA V microphone to recognize the shutter sound of the DSLR and with machine learning, trigger the shutter of the THETA V.

The THETA V could function as a sub-device of the DSLR to map an INDEX for the DSLR images using the entire 360 image for each scene. You can then use the 360° as a way to find particular DSLR images.

An example of this type of indexing can be seen in the video below:

The post below has some ideas for how to use a MESH device to trigger two cameras at the same time.

Example of using GPS with a THETA S and a Raspberry Pi using gpsd.

Adding Your Solution

Each of the solutions above have limitations. By overcoming the limitations with plug-in technology, you may be able to create a commercial solution.

The Ricoh Multi-imaging Technology uses a proprietary connector and software. The solution is not for sale.

The GPS and requires a separate Raspberry Pi. You could connect it to the THETA directly. The simultaneous shutter solution requires a MESH device.

Once you build your plug-in solution, you can add a demo version of it to the THETA store and sell the full version from your own web site.

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