Library and Version Information for Hardware Request Challenges

Guillermo Alberto Perez Guillen asked these questions:

Hello … Can you tell me the version of Android Studio to work with your github repositories?

    In particular, I mean:
  • Android Plugin Version:?
  • Gradle version:?
  • OpenCV version:?
    I am already working with these repositories and I would like you to clarify these points or any other that you consider relevant.
  • JRE 1.8.0
  • Android Studio 3.3.2
  • Gradle 4.10.1
  • OpenCV 3.4.5
  • specify sourceCompatibility and targetCompatibility as 1.8 due to use of lambda


For Optional OpenCV Challenge

This is only if you want the additional challenge of trying to use OpenCV. It is optional.

build.gradle (app)

This assumes you use a x86 AVD. This is set to x86 by default.

NDK Plugin

You must change the include path of the OpenCV library to your specific system.