Long Exposure ND Filter for RICOH THETA

Anyone working with long exposures? I was considering doing some RICOH THETA pictures in New Mexico this summer, expecting very strong sunlight conditions. Any hints or suggestions welcome.

Similar questions from the Ricoh THETA Users on Facebook group about ND filers: Redirecting...

And these pictures caught my eye:

Source: https://www.pentaxforums.com/forums/7-pentax-compact-cameras/321287-ricoh-theta-s-4-stop-nd-filter-long-exposure.html

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the way hdr will be sufficient to prevent excess light?

The article references this

this is the info from Thingiverse

Of course this limits over harf area of the picture, but if you composite the pictures into HDR, anyway such darker areas were cut out, so the limitation has no effect on final HDR image (41 MB).

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