May 2 Meetup - New Technology Demos from RICOH THETA

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Date/time: Tuesday, May 2, 6pm - 7:30pm
Location: PubNub, 725 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA 94107
Parking: It’s city parking, so suggest taking public transit, but garages on corner of Harrison and 3rd (close) or Mission and 5th (10 minute walk) are good options

RICOH THETA has just announced some exciting new functionality for the next product version. They’re demoing this functionality at the NAB Show in Las Vegas this week.

As soon as he gets off the plane from the show, the RICOH THETA product manager will be giving us an overview and taking your questions. And, we’ve got a really cool “before and after” sequence of using the RICOH THETA professionally to build time-lapse videos with the API and without.

Pizza and soda will be served for all attendees!

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6 pm: Check-in, grab pizza and refreshments, and say hi to other RICOH THETA users and developers

6:30 pm: First talk: RICOH THETA Demos from NAB, Takeharu (“TK”) Tone, RICOH THETA product manager

7:15 pm: Break

7:30 pm: Second talk: The Before and After of RICOH THETA API, Phil Spitler, Creative Technologist, Bonfire Labs

8:15 pm: Finish, stay open for conversations and networking



Takeharu (“TK”) Tone, RICOH THETA product manager

At the time of the meetup, he’ll just be coming back from the NAB Show with some very cool, very new demos to show off. The NAB Show is an annual trade show produced by the National Association of Broadcasters, focusing on content development. 360 content produced by devices like the RICOH THETA is a hot topic. TK will be showing us demos that were in the RICOH THETA booth the week before and answering questions!

The Before and After of RICOH THETA API

Phil Spitler - Creative Technologist - Bonfire Labs -

Phil is a creative problem solver at San Francisco based Bonfire Labs. Back in 2014 Bonfire created the original launch film for the Theta working closely with Ricoh.

Due to the lack of video options and no open API for the original camera, Phil came up with the idea to build a robot to control the camera and the “Robot Tap 3000" was born. Phil will be showing the original launch film as well having the robot running during the event. He will also be showing Bonfire’s latest film shot with the Theta, this time he was able to use the open API to control the camera.

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4k video. 360 audio. Multi-picture technology.

Community member wrote their own live streaming stitching for Linux and created an awesome worldview demo.

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Photo Credit: Komei Harada
Robot by @Phil_Spitler

Early THETA concept prototype from 2010

Source: Ricoh

Prototype of original THETA from 2013

RICOH THETA Twins Lens Inflection Optics Unit

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In case you missed the meetup, here’s a video I put together that shows the main points of the multi-imaging technology shown at the meetup.

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