RICOH THETA V Plug-in Microconference - San Francisco - Thurs, Aug 30, evening

RICOH THETA V Plug-in Microconference - San Francisco - Thurs, Aug 30, evening

Evening of demos, presentations, and technical workshop to truly explore the radical changes in the relationship among photographer, audience, and developer. The new RICOH THETA V provides completely new functionality, changing the type of content that is being produced.

Want to try a THETA V yourself? Want to learn how to develop for the THETA V?

New 360° Experiences in real-time (Demos Shown)

  • YouTube Live Event - 4K 360° real-time video direct from camera to YouTube using Wi-Fi or mobile
  • VR real-time stream into HTC Vive VR goggles - Transport yourself into the world the camera sees!
  • 360° image direct to VR headset - Immediately take and share pictures from camera to VR headset using Google Photos and Wi-Fi or mobile access
  • Automatic Face Blur - Camera AI automatically edits photos as you’re taking pictures

Build New 360° Experiences (Create your own 360° app for the camera)

  • 5 open source examples of community code with explanations
  • Hands-on workshop where you build an app to take seven 360° photos in rapid sequence
  • Onsite access to advanced RICOH THETA V 360° cameras unlocked with developer mode enabled
  • Access to free and open source tools and code that you can use at home. Build a fully functional apk and take it home with you.

Who Should Join? (You!)

  • Developers - who want to build stunning 360° user experiences and understand workflows for creators and media consumers
  • Creators - who want to easily create new experiences for viewers
  • Consumers - who want to access to new and interesting perspectives and stories

Required Equipment for Developers

  • Laptop with Android Studio installed for plug-in development
    • Windows laptop preferred, but Linux or Mac will work for most sections
  • Android mobile phone for stitching images
    • If you don’t have an Android phone, you can stitch the images with desktop software on Windows or Mac

Required Equipment for Creators and Consumers

  • Brilliant ideas
  • Smiles
  • Spirit of innovation

Invitation to the Community!

Do you want to show off your THETA V application? Come share it with everyone at the micro conference. Contact for information on demoing!

Prizes for Participating!

THETA pens and stickers!

Time and Location

How to Register

Must register here to reserve your space and development camera by posting a reply. Please do not register using RSVP. If you prefer to register privately, please DM @jcasman.

Full Presentation with live links


In preparation for this August 30 event in San Francisco, I did some tests with debugging the dual-fisheye plug-in that we are using for the workshop portion of the microconference. If anyone knows how to trace problems with adb logcat more effectively, please help.

Update: 8/15/2018

I’m now using print statements in the Java code and am able to debug with this technique. I’m still trying to find out how to use a step debugger, but the print statements are fine for now.

debug messages

print statements in Android Studio

In addition to the HTC Vive demo station, I just received a Google Daydream to test out with my Pixel 2. If it works well with File Cloud Upload, I will bring it to the microconference.

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I’ll be there james vliet


Great, James, looking forward to seeing you there!

I plan to attend with a guest.
Bill Mar

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Hi, I would like to attend with one guest. Thanks


There are two tracks at the microconference: 1) developer hands-on workshop; 2) demos and discussion for media creators (photographers) and media consumers (interactiving with 360 media).

For the demo section, I am looking for feedback on what people want to see. We can probably demo three different applications.

Two new videos just produced in preparation for the plug-in development workshop at the micro-conference on August 30.

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Bill, looking forward to seeing you next week. Do you have a V?

Great, you and your +1 are very welcome. See you next week!

I would like to attend and have a Theta360.


Thanks, Kevin. Looking forward to meeting face-to-face.

Kevin, do you have a V? Or an S?

Unfortunately, I still have the Theta360 S. :frowning:

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Quite a few cool things you can do with an S and the open API. The A-Frame work you mentioned has a ton of possibilities. What are you building?

In case you haven’t seen, here’s a couple of articles on the site:

Basics: Easily Create a 360 Gallery For RICOH THETA with A-Frame
Using with Oculus Go: HowTo: Viewing 360° Video in Real-Time from THETA V with Oculus Go Browser

Have you worked with Android at all? If you’re interested in trying out the V, I can arrange a loaner so you can get a real taste of it.


Thanks. I’ll be there.


Great, Stephan, looking forward to seeing you there! It’s been a little while. Loved your hack at TechCrunch DISRUPT adding filters to THETA video. Still remember you guys staying up late and coming up with the snowflakes on the Bay Bridge video. Cool stuff.

Would like to attend. +1


Hey @sanilf1, great, we’ve got you on the list! May I ask, do you have Android experience? Have you used a THETA before? Any details appreciated (though not required).

@jcasman I have a theta s and have some android experience.

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