New to Theta Z1 and experiencing noise in photos

I am new to the Theta Z1 after experiencing many issues with my QooCam 8K. That being said every photo I take is grainy/noisy. I have tried adjusting the ISO settings, using the DFE HDR plugin, and no matter what I have grain in all my photos. I am not zooming into photos too much, but is this common? I see all kinds of sample photos with no editing and I do not see grain/noise.

Can you anyone help me? Thank you in advance!

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Have you managed to bottom out the noise issue? I am in the same boat and would like to know what it is I am doing wrong too :slight_smile:

Without providing at least a single example of what you are talking about, what kind of answer do you expect?

In general: The Z1’s sensor produces quite some noise, especially color noise and at higher ISO values.
In-camera JPEG generation deals with this effectively - in my opinion too effective: many details are lost.
Therefore, I tend to eliminate the ugly color noise during raw processing and accept some luminance noise.

When I want the best quality possible, I use the DFE plugin, and choose the 9 step bracketing exporters in RAW. Then of course you have to work on the file in Lightroom, but that’s how I get the best results: with a 9 step bracketing, of course, you will get less noise.

For instance here the room is very dark with spots of bright light, and I you will see, the noise is very much contained: