Raspberry Pi 360 Challenge



I was reading this article by Paul Allen about what young innovators can pursue and thought of this team of kids at Western Sydney University :slight_smile:

A few examples of ambitious efforts today’s young innovators could pursue might be:

  • Improving climate modeling in order to help us more deeply understand and simulate what is occurring now and in the future related to human-caused changes.

  • Designing ever-more intelligent vehicles that make our roads safer by preventing accidents, reducing congestion and helping to reduce carbon emissions.

  • Building computer programs that are capable of digesting text and understanding it, in the full sense of that word, to help researchers connect dots more quickly based on the latest published scholarship.

  • Building models of biological systems from cells to the immune system that will give us deep insights into normal and disease states in the body.

  • Advancing the state of robotics to create real helpmates for our aging populations and evolving workplace.