RICOH THETA Microconference - Sat, Nov 10 - San Jose

RSVP here!

Fun event coming up, chance find out what’s possible in the world of 360° technology!

If you have a THETA V, great, bring it! If you don’t, THETA Vs will be provided to each team.

We’ll be giving out prizes for Best Idea and Best Completed Plug-in! Prizes will include a free THETA V and a free underwater casing for the camera, too! (Approx $560 retail value)

  • Time and Date: Sat, Nov 10, 10:45am - 3pm
  • Location: San Jose (Action Spot, 453 West San Carlos Street, with good free parking and close access to public transportation)
  • Food and drink: Yes!
  • Equipment Provided: THETAs provided to each team, bring your own laptop

Come join us, it will be a lot of fun learning new skills and meeting other users. RSVP here:

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Grand prizes just arrived. That’s some good looking tech right there!

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We’ll using these links in the workshop today. Posing them here for easy access and downloading.

Key resource:

Links for installing first apk

  • Step 1: Install existing apk
  • Step 2: Build existing code base listed below. Install in camera
  • Step 3: Modify camera api sample, build and install

Since all three finalists used TensorFlow in their plug-ins, I’ve collected 5 TensorFlow articles that can help other people get TensorFlow running inside of the THETA V.

As you port other Android applications to the THETA V, this article on the THETA pluginlibrary lifecycle may also be useful.

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Here’s a picture of @jcasman in action teaching the next wave of eager RICOH THETA plug-in developers.

Stimulating a wave of creative ideas about what we can use plug-ins for.

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Picture of @codetricity covering use cases for RICOH THETA through an incredibly wide range of industries. Great data, fun day of learning!

ah nice, thanks for sharing these @codetricity :pray:

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Congratulations on winning!

I added Step 4, which covers the pluginlibrary modification.

As the objects are distorted on the edge of the equirectangular image, you may want to put the camera at an angle and get more of the shot from the lens that is opposite the shutter button.

Did you use this dataset?

I read the article below, but have not tried it.