Winner Announced - The Future of 360 Cameras in Construction Contest

Congratulations to William of Kier Group for winning “The Future of 360 Cameras in Construction Contest” by and HoloBuilder. The contest sponsor, HoloBuilder, is sending him a brand new THETA V.

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“I would like to personally thank the participants for contributing such a wide range of ideas around the future of 360° cameras in construction technology. The RICOH THETA 360 degree camera provides a technology platform that is powerful, flexible, and easily accessible for companies looking to provide high value to their customers. In the construction industry, we have seen a leap forward in innovative solutions. It’s incredible to see the different uses for 360° technology that are already being utilized. It’s clear that the construction industry has strongly embraced 360° camera technology.”

Takeharu (TK) Tone, RICOH THETA evangelist


“We congratulate William of Kier Construction for winning the Future of 360° Cameras in Construction Contest by and HoloBuilder! The jury was impressed by his ideas of using 360° image technology to pass some of the hardest certifications for climate and energy resilience. Using 360° image technology to solve some of the largest challenges we face in the modern era is the best possible application we can hope for and could not be happier to support such game-changing applications! And many thanks to all the other, numerous great contributions. You made it really tough for us to make a choice and we were delighted to see so many thought-leaders providing us with innovative ideas!”

Christian Claus, CMO and Head of Partnerships




“The biggest value I see is the camera being used on projects that are designed to the Passivhaus standard, meaning they are climate and energy resilient. These projects require an extreme amount of attention to detail. In order to achieve the Passivhaus certification we need to be able to demonstrate that we have built the building correctly. Our goal is to use a system to capture the progress on site weekly so we have a full record of everything that was happening on site. The photos will become invaluable once the building gets closed in. On construction sites, I have seen site managers take photos of certain elements and forget where the photo was taken in the building when they get back into the office to upload them to the computer. Having the ability to take 360 photos ensures there is no part of the building missed!”

William, Senior BIM Co-ordinator

Kier Construction Western and Wales



submitted ideas

Reduce Time and Cost

RICOH THETAs capture construction areas 3 to 6 times faster than standard cameras and reduce travel and staff costs.

Real-Time Smart Vision

Process live video in real-time using software inside the RICOH THETA or a connected device.

Connect to Anything

RICOH THETA APIs work over Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet, and Bluetooth. Sync data with the cloud for processing or process locally to trigger events.

Improved Construction Workflow

In the near future, a RICOH THETA may replace a laser scanner for measurement or point cloud models.

“The vibrant RICOH THETA development community is helping push and support development in industries like construction. It’s exciting to see how 360° technology can help construction companies become more efficient and save real time and money. HoloBuilder’s leadership in reality capture technologies is impressive.”

Jesse Casman, co-founder,

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