RICOH SDK theta-client Updated with Improved Android live preview for SC2

New commit from simago Fix the issue where live preview sometimes does not start.


Documentation for theta-client for Android in English.

theta-client/ at main · ricohapi/theta-client · GitHub

My Tests


  • Google Pixel 2 running Android 11 - physical device
  • RICOH THETA SC2 running 1.71
  • built on Windows 11 with Android Studio Electric Eel


  • installed apk on physical device
  • took 12 shots in sequence


  • in my office with many, many other hotspots, the connection was stable when I put the camera very close to the Pixel 2.
  • preview stable, but locked in a cropped view
  • transfer stable (though it did take about 10 to 20 seconds including the stitching time)
  • postview stable with good 360 navigation
  • moving camera away from phone resulted in inconsistent response (my office has extensive wifi interference)