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Ricoh Theta S live streaming to htc Vive for drone

I am trying to live stream from my ricoh theta s to an htc Vive vr headset. This application was working less than 1 year ago for another team with the same camera but now will not seem to stream. They did not use unity. They were using the sample video streaming from GitHub with A-frame, but appears some of the api packages are not longer available. Has anyone been able to live stream from the THETA S to a VR headset without unity?
The application is to be on a quadcopter drone, of which has a raspberry pi 3 on it.
Thanks in advance

Do you have the link to the A-Frame example you are referring to on GitHub?

I searched on the Internet for this example, but could not find it.

I found this;

The Raspberry Pi can stream the THETA S using MotionJPEG at 720p. You’ll need to stitch the video feed (there are examples) and then display it in A-Frame.

Thanks for replying
here is the GitHub link we recovered from last years working setup

I remember this application. That was a while ago.

Ricoh may have changed the cloud api.

Have you looked at this:

You may be able to get WebRTC going with other solutions as well.

In particular, this one may work:

This one covers THETA V and Skyway. It might also be useful. It’s a similar technique.