Ricoh Theta V + Power Bank while shooting?

Hello! I just purchased a Ricoh Theta V, i’m just wondering if I can use a power bank to charge and shoot at the same time? If so which power bank would you guys recommend?


Many people use the RICOH THETA V with an external battery. It will shoot while plugged in and the Wi-Fi will be available for your mobile phone.

Look for a power bank that can output over 1Amp. However, in my tests, the V usually draws less than 500mA (half an amp).

I also use the camera when plugged into my computer. There’s a cheap $7 device that will block data and allow the Wi-Fi to be used while the camera is plugged into a laptop.

I’m not sure if this method of charging is officially supported by RICOH, but many people use standard mobile phone external battery packs to keep the THETA V charged.