Rigid case for Ricoh theta S or Z1

I am trying to build a rigid stereo assembly for Ricoh cameras to be used outdoors. I would like to know if I could purchase a rigid case for Ricoh camera in order to mount it using a half clamp and eventually to an L-bracket? Something similar to the one in the image attached. ricohCase . Thanking you in advance


I’m not sure what a half clamp is, but the THETA V has a TW-1 case that you can attach a bolt to that is 1/4" by 20 threads per inch. This is the standard tripod bolt.


If you’re not familiar with the tripod mount hardware, here is additional information.

There’s some sample shots from inside the case with this scuba plug-in

Note that the case is visible in the shots. If you need a complete view, I suggest you buy the camera and case from a place with a return policy and test it together. The seam of the case is visible.


Not waterproof, but cheap.

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@jothomas There answers from @codetricity are probably the most specific to your rigid case question. But I wanted to post this section of Hardware and Accessories from the RICOH THETA List of Apps. Maybe helpful:

Also, here’s a developer building a set up for time lapse outdoors. He’s based in Nevada, so his most pressing issue was overheating. His experience might be helpful:

Is the THETA S underwater case on that list?

It occurred to me that the list would greatly benefit from graphics, similar to the industry list.

Change from this:

To this format.

As the data format is the same, you can just copy the design template from the industry and apply it to the category. Do it on the development workstation first and test it before you push it live. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your reply. I made a mistake in my earlier question, I intended to say half coupler instead of clamp.
I am planning to build this assembly in order to attach it on top of a car to acquire data that I can later use to build a map.

Can you mount the 1/4" by 20 tpi stud into a wooden dowel and then use the half coupler in your picture?

Can you use a round wooden stick like a broom handle and then drill a 1/4" hole into the top of the handle? Then epoxy the 1/4" stud into the handle?


Most people are using the existing mount of the THETA and not trying to clamp the body.

Also, this rig

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Thank you for the detailed list of possibilities. Since I am trying to recover depth information from two ricoh theta cameras, I need prevent vibration which would affect my accuracy. That is why I’m thinking about providing additional contact.
Thank you for all the support. I will try to develop a design and share my work if it is successful !


If you want another mount point in addition to tripod mount, consider a 3D printed holder. You can modify the designs from the cooling fan designs.


You could also run two metal brackets up the sides of the camera and then put many thick rubber bands around the camera body to stabilize it.

You may be able to drill into the cheap test tube case for the THETA S and attach more mount points.

If the circumference of the half coupler is big enough, maybe you can clamp that to the test tube for extra support.

You may be able to modify this to create a more secure mount.

Thank you for sharing this. I was thinking about this couple of days before, but wasn’t very sure. This model reassures what I had in mind.

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@craig Do you know if there is any official CAD drawing of ricoh theta S camera ?

There are no official CAD drawings that I know of.

I have also not found any in the community. Different types of models exist for the THETA V and m15.
Likely not helpful, but sharing just in case:


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