RICOH THETA Underwater Case TW-1 Unboxing and Test

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this case have some issues under hight light ,but I think it really good for snorkeling .

or diving

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These are great shots. Thanks for posting. Did you take them at Hardy Reef in Queensland, Australia?

yes,diving at Queensland,snorkeling in the west Australia exmouth.

Oyster Stacks Snorkelling Area
Cape Range National Park 西澳大利亚州 6707澳大利亚

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Looks like an amazing location. Would like to see more of your pictures. Have you considered putting some of your THETA images up on Google Streetview?

I’ve been experimenting with putting the camera on a tripod at the bottom of the ocean and using a type of self-timer mode using a plug-in. Using this technique, you can get pictures where the photographer is not holding the selfie-stick.

Underwater 360 photography is great for a VR headset. Look forward to more of your pictures.

I will try to upload more pictures here.

I was upload some photos on Google guide,but it has been close now.

I just got the theta s,last week I was try to register with the RICOH THETA Plug-in Partner Program. I have unfortunately not been selected for developer registration.

The reason is shown below.
Reason for rejection:
-The model with this THETA serial number is not subject to registration.

I think only theta V can be use .

Oh, right. I forgot you have a S. sorry. I’m sure you can take some great pictures with the S using the shutter button. Look forward to hearing from you again.

Why is Google Guide closed?

I don’t know why,they are stop to send me e-mail ,and once in my mail box I found a mail told me they have some change and I never hear from them again.

Wow, you have a lot of views to your pictures.

Maybe you can post a question at the link below?

Do you have this access yet? I think it’s based on some type of point calculation for your contributions: