Theta X water resistant housing

To date there has been no waterproof/water resistant housing for the Z1-I have experimented with dome housings and I am faced with reflections as a result of the curved surface.

I am about to buy a Theta X but a waterproof housing would be super helpful for a forthcoming project.

Is there anyone here who would be interested in partnering on making some kind of higher quality housing which does not rely on a dome and something more along the lines of an SC2 water resistant housing.

You could try contact HOLACA and see if they want to work with you on the project.

Just so you can consider rumors with your investment of time. There is an unconfirmed rumor that a company is working on case similar to the TH-2 that is wide enough to fit the X. I don’t have any additional information on timeframe or whether the company is actually moving forward or not. Even if the company goes to market with a wider version of the TH-2, you could likely still sell your version.

Hi Craig, thank you for that.

In testing, I have personally found that curved arrangements such as the TH-2 are susceptible to reflections, something that is a function of curved surfaces, I was not over joyed with the optical quality of the TH-2 either, and I am curious to know if anyone has had better results with the Ricoh TW-1.Also you mentioned that some people have made their own ‘expensive’ housings for the Z1. I would like to speak to anyone who has made something like this. Thank you. Drew

I have the TW-1. There is a significant portion of the case that is visible in the pictures and videos.

Edited out the TW-1 case. All pictures and video with V for comparison of the TH-2 style and the TW-1 style cases.

I’m trying to get additional video from my fishtank, but my fish is a bit skittish of the camera today.