Sam Rohn Z1 Editing and Picture Taking Tips from Webinar in Nov 2021

Always use Remove Chromatic Aberration" before stitching and not on equirectangular.

From Keith Martin in response to my question




You need to apply the mask on the original DNG or HDR file, not the TIFF or JPG. You lose too much data on the conversion to TIFF or JPG.

Uses the dual-fisheye RAW plug-in in his workflow. uses 10 second timer.

Only shoot in manual exposure.
Keep ISO as low as possible. Keeping a low ISO keeps as much data as possible. Using ISO 80…

May need to increase ISO for motion.

Single exposure, low-light conditions. Under expose image to prevent highlights from being being blown out. Strategy is to recover the shadow areas in editing.



after editing.

original before editing.

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