360 Pano Support in Adobe Camera Raw 11.4

Great video and information by Russell Brown. Examples in video made with RICOH THETA Z1 RAW format image.

360 Pano Support in Adobe Camera Raw -
This new feature in ACR 11.4 eliminates an old issue that caused a seam to form when using many of the adjustments in ACR.
Update to the new ACR today from the Adobe Creative Cloud.

Technical Notes:

New features summary:


Additional Tutorial Videos:

Ricoh Plug-in:

Ricoh Camera Settings

Processing Ricoh images in Lightroom:

Final Steps to Completion:

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This is good news!

Although the raw workflow for the Z1 (based on Ricoh’s stitcher) allows to workaround the previous restriction of ACR, this update results in more flexibility.

In addition, it benefits other vendor’s cameras (such as Insta360’s One X and EVO) that support raw DNGs as well but without an equivalent to the Z1 workflow.

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Hi, all.
It might be another seam line issue. It’s got annoyed me.
Please help me for reproducing the issue.

Sample RAW(DNG) file is here;


  1. Stitch DNG to tiff16 bit no compression(equirectangular)
  2. Import tiff to Lr and edit.
    Chromatic abb. enable >> Manual defringe >> denoise(luminance) >> sharpness & Mask >> Adobe color profile(modern01, 02, 04… as you like)
  3. export jpg
  4. view in 360 with theta desktop application.
  5. check the seam line(at the 180 degrees)


Chromatic abb. enable >> Manual defringe >> denoise(luminance) >> sharpness & Mask >> Adobe color profile(modern01, 02, 04… as you like)

The seam is already introduced with the removal of chromatic aberation. Using masking in sharpening perhaps adds to this. Both operations take the surrounding pixels into account which fails at the edges of equirectangular images.

You can work around this issue by applying these operations before stitching.

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Thank you for your reply and giving me solution.
Anybody can reproduce the issue? Where was it introduced?

Tons of thanks.

Where was it introduced?

As I wrote: With the removal of chromatic aberation

Masking is probably safe as it is on the list of supported controls (as part of ‘Detail’) in the Technical Notes referenced above:

Supported Controls

  • Basic (ACR and Classic)
  • Light & Color (Lreco)
  • Tone Curve·Color Mixer / HSL / Gray
  • Detail
  • Split Toning
  • Calibration (Shadows, Red/Green/Blue Primary)

Note that ‘Lens Corrections’ is not on that list.

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Does anyone had this type of problem?, it’s an overexposure between stitching. I also had colored random dots playing around