Set location information (from phone) for every image

Is there a way to fetch the location information from the phone and attach it to each image? Then I will display it on the app (I’m using the example app).

yes, use the Wi-Fi API from your mobile app.


This changes the metadata inside the camera. Search on this forum for camera metadata or ask more questions here if you’re stuck.

If you want an end-user app, the RICOH mobile app adds the GPS info in automatically.

If you’re building your own app, please provide more usage information, such as the connection between the phone and the camera (such as WiFi AP mode), whether or you’re using the SDK, Android or iOS, what language if not using the SDK (like JavaScript with Cordova).

Currently developing on Android and want to add more detail description for the location, not only GPS. The below 2 tags are perfect for this.

Tag-hex Tag-dec IFD Key Type
0x010e 270 Image Exif.Image.ImageDescription Ascii
0x9286 37510 Photo Exif.Photo.UserComment Comment


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You’re using this android API?

BTW, I know that you’re involved with Liphy. Looks like a very cool way to provide people going to a physical space with easy access to THETA images.

Once the Liphy App works with the THETA, @jcasman and I can put it on this app listing site.

Yes, I’m using the ExifInterface.

Thank you for mentioning our company.

For people who are interested, our technology works with any kind of LED.

We just need to connect our adapter to the LED driver to modulate the LED, and then we can use the phone to scan it (using our Android/iOS SDK). The output is a unique id which is only associated to 1 light.

More demo are available in the company website( and here:

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