A question: how can I embed location information to mp4-video?

I want to make a video embedded took location data. Because I can get the location information (coordinate data) by a different device like gps, I feel the right to taking make the video by using Theta and its device.
I tried using webapi “gpsinfo” but not supported about a video.

I have no choice but to shoot a picture at intervals? Are there any other ways?

Do you need to get the GPS data per frame or is the start of the video okay?

run exiftool against the file to see the GPS data.

See this topic for more information, especially the tool from dean_z

@craig Thank you.
I want to get GPS data per frame rather than the start of the video.
I’ll reply as soon as I finish reviewing the tool from dean_z etc.

What camera model are you using?

The technique by dean_z uses a separate GPS data logger application and then matching up the video and GPS log with timestamps.

There is no known way to extract the GPS data embedded per frame in the THETA video files.

@craig I’m sorry for the delay.
I use THETA Z1 51GB model.
Actually, I get the location data by SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping).
Ok, If I use the dean_z technique, I would need match and exact timestamps each device.

I am not sure how SLAM works. Do you need the GPS location for each frame? Or, do you get the starting position and then use another technology to calculate the relative position from the starting point?

If you just need the starting GPS location, it is embedded in the exif data of the video file if you use a mobile phone to start the video. Or, you can use a the WebAPI with your own application to write the GPS coordinate (only the starting point, not per frame). I believe it is the starting point, not the ending point, but I have not checked.

If you need the GPS data per frame, you need to use another GPS logging device such as a mobile phone and then match up the frames with timestamps.

I need the GPS location for each frame.
I understood your explanation fully, thank you.

On the THETA X, I did notice that there is a CAMM data track on the 8K 2fps video. However, I have not been able to parse it for the sensor data yet.

If you search for this forum, you’ll notice that there is a Google Streetview app that works with the Z1 using low framerate 6.7K video. I’m assuming that there some type of GPS data per frame to get it to work with the 6.7K video. However, this information was not disclosed.

If you have a potential product that may use the THETA Z1 in high volume, we can ask RICOH about this and see if we can get any additional information. You can send an email to jcasman@oppkey.com about that.

If you are in a research institute, the best path is likely to use the separate GPS track with timestamps.