Setting Up NVIDIA Jetson Nano with RICOH THETA Z1 and X

Setting up an NVIDIA Jetson Nano for use with the RICOH THETA camera. We cover using the MTP API commands over a USB cable use gphoto2, live streaming 360 video with a modified version of libuvc, and light processing with OpenCV.


Although the USB API works fine, I’m having problems with streaming framerates, likely due to an insufficient power supply input. I used the 2A microUSB in the test. I’ve ordered a 4A barrel connector.

Software Used

In the video, you’re using gphoto2 + MTP commands to communicate with the camera over the USB cable. I believe you could also use ptpcam from libptp2? Why did you choose to focus on gphoto2 here? libgphoto2 is newer and actively maintained, is that correct?

libptp2 is old and has some problems.

libgphoto2 is newer and actively maintained, but there are some patches that we should ideally try to get merged into the main project. IMO, the commands for the gphoto2 sample app are a bit difficult to understand.

There’s some problems with the Z1 I have right now and libgphoto2. It may just be with my computer. You may have noticed that in the video, I switched to the X.

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OK, this nicely summarizes what’s currently being used and the differences between libptp2 and libgphoto2. Thanks, it’s useful for me.

I’m recommending that people use gphoto2 now and have been showing my examples with gphoto2 more often.

BTW, my power supply is scheduled to arrive some time between May 10 and May 16.