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SOLVED: Unable to Initiate Video capture using USB API

Hi, I have been trying to Initiate Video capture from Ricoh Theta V using USB API. I have libptp installed. I am successfully able to change capture mode from still capturing to video but when I issue capture command in Video Mode I get this error

zain@zain-MacBookPro:~$ ptpcam --set-property=0x5013 --val=0x8002

'Still Capture Mode' is set to: [Normal]
Changing property value to 0x8002 [(null)] succeeded.

ptpcam -c

Initiating capture
PTP: Access Denied
ERROR: Could not capture.

Start Video Capture

Stop Video Capture

I think the ptpcam -c sends initiate capture, which won’t work on video mode.


Nice solution! Just curious: what does “0,0,1” mean in ptpcam -R 0x101c,0,0,1 ?
We can’t find the params description for the case.

Hope to hear your expertise.

– Luke

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This is a great question as the documentation only lists two parameters.

In the MTP specification, the third parameter is listed as unsupported.

The third parameter tells the camera to save the video to file. However, I can’t find the documentation for it.

BTW, this technique is also available on the community document available at the link below in the “USB API” section.


The community documentation is a bit hard to use. There is a section menu on the left and a table of contents for each section on the right.

Basic search is also enabled.

The information is also in this forum in a number of places, but the search on this forum is also difficult to use sometimes.