Some response from SC2 api is slower than V or Z1

Hi everyone, I would like to know if it is normal preview and take capture is slower than ricoh theta V and Z1.

Thank’s a lot

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The SC2 has a slower processor than the V and Z1. There is a delay between the time you take a picture and the time that the camera is ready for the next command. You need to check the camera status before you issue the command. Let me know if you need more precise instructions for checking the status of the camera for the next command. It is much slower than the V/Z1.

LivePreview resolution and framerate are also slower on the SC2. In addition, there are more issues with dropped frames in the MotionJPEG. However, it does work well for the LivePreview.

The SC2 is a great camera and works well, but it is slower than the V. The V is slower than the Z1. However, there’s obviously higher cost for the speed.

More information is here.

Thank you a lot for your reply, I was not sure, thank’s for your confirmation. Have a nice day

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There are many tips for SC2 developer at the link below. registration required.

Key points:

SC2 has slower MCU and takes longer to return a captureStatus of idle

when you first port a mobile app that is working with the V/Z1, it may not work with the SC2. One thing to look for is the camera availability with state.

Check camera availability with state

The flow of your program will be as follows:

<--- camera.takePicture

----> response

<--- POST /osc/state

----> response _captureStatus: shooting

<--- POST /osc/state

----> response _captureStatus: shooting

<--- POST /osc/state

----> response _captureStatus: shooting

<--- POST /osc/state

----> response _captureStatus: shooting

<--- POST /osc/state

----> response _captureStatus: idle

<--- GET URL *URL = _LatestFileUrl of the state received immediately before

delete all

Bug was fixed in firmware 1.42 for SC2 or 6.12 for SC2B. It should work normally now

thumbnails do not work as expected

See community documentation for options on workaround


  • previewFormat and height not working (but the preview still works)
  • livePreview freezes - conditions when it stops are documented. issue the command again
  • livePreview is flickering - in my tests, some frames have a strange end of file. Keep showing the previous frame if the current frame is bad.

The V, Z1, and S has liveview at 1920x1080 @ 30fps.

I believe the SC2 is at a lower resolution, but at the same framerate. The reason it appears slower is because the frames are sometimes dropped. At least, this is the case in my tests. You can see in the video that it is usable. In the sample app I wrote, the usability of the motionJPEG is about the same as the official mobile app.

Thank you for this details, I’ve already read this document which is well explained. Is there a patch in a few month ?

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Sorry, I don’t have any insight into the release schedule for firmware upgrades. I’ll ask @jcasman to bring this up with RICOH.

Can you clarify if your request is:

  1. get notification on firmware upgrade schedule ahead of the firmware being released?


  1. there is a specific feature such as “multiple thumbnail” view in listFiles on the SC2 that you need updated?

@jcasman and I are developing a strategy to update our own community documentation and advise RICOH on what to focus on. We are trying to organize the voice of developers like you from the community. Thank you for your input.

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I would like to know if you know when Ricoh theta patch all bugs mentionned before with new release of API 2.1.

The link is very useful to use workaround to patch bugs but Ricoh didn’t patch for the moment

Thank you for your help @craig

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